Independent film distribution deals

Independent film distribution deals

Some one who specialises in dealing with retailers and has existing relationships with them.Let IFA help you actualize your dreams and make your independent films a. indie film distribution is. have deals in place to move your film into the.In short, it is a mechanism of getting the distributor to pay for the shiny new projection kit that has been installed in cinemas that permits the screening of a DCP.Remember, booking films, especially a low budget indie film with no one famous in it is a massive risk.But failure to do this can lead to unhealthy hopes and expectations and an overspend on marketing which will leave your project in the red.INDEPENDENT FILM DISTRIBUTION: A PRIMER FOR LOW-BUDGET FILMMAKERS Presented by Tim Morell of Morell Media Using real word examples this 2 hour webinar explores the.However, if you can negotiate something called a corridor, this allows you to get paid a certain percentage of sales while other expenses are being paid off.

They have massive foot flow, loads of outlets and thus lots of buying power.

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Independent Film Distribution. makes the film even more exciting and scarily.

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How Movie Distribution Works. Independent filmmakers often use film festivals as an opportunity to get the attention of distributors.Film Production Companies. an independent film production company and the developers. of the Internet as the future of distribution.A film can be perfectly enjoyable but not have a commercial edge.The main ones being Amazon, Play, HMV and perhaps the supermarkets.So while supermarkets can offer potential big sales, be wary that dealing with them can be a double edged sword.

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But consider this: in 2011 200m DVD units were sold in the UK.Then, their sales agents have to believe in it and be excited by its commercial potential.Breakdown Of The Major Online Indie Film Distribution Platforms. By. can be a very scary task for independent. of iTunes film distribution:.

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Indie Film Distribution Offers and Deals. Independent film distribution in a nut shell.It is certainly worth your while looking into using this set of tools as you have total control and visibility.Remember, your no-budget film will be on shelves next to Harry Potter etc.

You will need to register your film and the precise sites it is showing.Learn the best film distribution strategies for your movie and read. effective for independent films that don. programming that have output deals with.There are many new distribution options for the independent producer. distribution contracts have changed and evolved. Split-Rights Deals:.They could order 15k units week one and if it flies, then they will keep ordering more.But as Danny Lacey demonstrated in his excellent video blog ( ) you can create these for free.Online digital distribution platform that allows filmmakers to distribute their films to up to 18 VOD platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Google and Amazon.MAXIMIZING DISTRIBUTION. filmmakers interested in service deals or self-distribution.That depends on the length of your film and a couple of other details.

But these offers were not deals. independent of any distribution horror stories.However, if a theatrical release is the way to go for your film, what has to happen.

Distribution Economics: How Does Revenue Flow From Distributor to Producer.

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Because they deal with big orders (again, thousands of discs) they are unlikely to deal with one off filmmakers who are self distributing.The biggest bricks and mortar sellers of DVDs are the supermarkets.THE FILM COLLABORATIVE is the first non-profit, full-service provider dedicated to the distribution of independent film, including narrative features, documentaries.Do-It-Yourself Digital Distribution Platforms. FLM.TV is a Video OnDemand company for Independent Films, dedicated to the delivery, distribution,.IndieWire is one of our more well-known independent film review blogs.

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You need to have your business hat on here because theatrical releases are EXPENSIVE.Mark will be speaking about distributing independent film at the.

They get STACKS of films to watch and your film will be fighting for screens against blockbusters that will turn a profit, as well as other indies.

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